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Melissa Dawn Brown
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    A full-time Freelance SUPERHERO & POSSIBILITY Creator, Melissa Dawn Brown combines superly powerful creative storytelling with an eye for the story that hides behind the obvious. Sharing her #SUPERHEROpossibility wherever + whenever + with whoever she can-- this dame is out to save the world!

    From surviving a near-fatal car accident at eighteen to battling thyroid cancer on her thirtieth birthday: Melissa Dawn Brown has developed an interesting way of dealing with catastrophe.

          Fresh out of highschool, Melissa had just been accepted by the joint UTM and Sheridan College theatre program and the Brown family were on their way to visit relatives when life catapulted their pint-sized Suzuki Forsa into the underside of an overturned tractor trailer transport. In the early morning on westbound 401,  they drove up the hill near Napanee and into a thick dust cloud.

          Asleep before impact and unconscious afterwards, Melissa's spine, guts and head were badly damaged and needed emergency repairs. So things got taken out and put back together and pretty much healed accordingly. Given a full year to convalesce, Melissa began theatre school in September 1998 with an acquired brain injury— where she had to make a whole bunch of adjustments to her daily routine to cope with everything her banged up body/brain would or wouldn't do.

    Peggy Rogers Playing Peggy Rogers from "The Children's Hour"    
    with Theatre Erindale ⤷    

          Stretching her joint undergrad degree and college diploma over five years, Melissa worked with disability services and the academic skills centre (Erindale Campus) to tailor learning strategies that accommodated her badly damaged brain. Graduating near the top of her class, Melissa moved into Toronto to pursue an acting career.

          Working in live theatre, independent film and television, Melissa Dawn Brown developed as a writer; plugging her own distinct perspective into every character she creates.

          And then, one fine June morning ten years back: Melissa woke up one morning with what sounded like laryngitis and a lump on the right side of her throat.


          Twelve separate visits to clinics + doctors + hospitals = December 2008 brought a whole new personal crisis into Melissa's way of being.


          Just shy of her thirtieth birthday, Melissa woke up to an ugly reality... and like most superheroes, she dug in and made her way through the holiday season with no ready solutions to the biggest problems she'd ever faced... so she created



    = an imaginative exploration of her journey through thyroid cancer: where diagnostics and naming the problem becomes a fighting-for-your-life confrontation with the monster itself.


          While surgery and cancer treatment got rid of all the bad stuff, when it was all said and done, Melissa was left with a numb neck and only one functioning vocal chord. So, for eight long years, this would-be live performer has been rebuilding her creative professional life up in Ottawa.

          And though she'd been meeting with countless specialists-- trying to figure out what was going on with missing pieces in her puzzled body-- noone could really tell her what was going on or give her a favourable prognosis. Frustrated and despondent with the crap deal that life had dealt her-- yet again-- Melissa intuitively sought inner peace through a guided exploration of the mindbody connection.

          If ever you can't find a solution outside of SELF = try going WITHIN.


    With Deepak Chopra’s 21 day meditation series ‘Desire & Destiny’ , Melissa used her well-tuned powers of visualization to explore every last inch of her inner world.

    Melissa's daily meditation paired beautifully with cranial sacral therapy: vanishing bits and pieces of numbness from her body. Filled with excitement, at these new arrivals, Melissa went for cranial sacral on August 4th, the eighth year anniversary of completing cancer treatment.

        In the magical safety of mindbody, creative visonaries have room to play.

          Imagining herself into the darker parts of her neck and chest, she decided to take a look at her paralyzed vocal chord. Trudging through layers of 'I don't know if I can do anything' and 'it's probably permanent', Melissa arrived at 'maybe it could.' And with that, crouching down to take a better look at her imagined vocal chord, she swiftly scooped a handful of seeds from her back pocket. Planting seeds of love, under her sleeping right vocal chord, Melissa took a deep breath. Now conscious of her surroundings-- still keeping her eyes closed-- Melissa started to feel something wiggle on the right side of her throat. Could this be? And then, when she opened her mouth: the voice she'd thought was lost flowed freely from her lips.

        Such is the power of SELF, when HOPE had all but disappeared.




    MDBblogeme=> My Life As An Onion @MelissaDwnBrwn

      » Creative CONVERSATION

        @MelissaDwnBrwn's seamless mixed media storytelling explores our world in new and interesting ways. @MelissaDwnBrwn's #BLOGemes dance bits of textual narrative across thematic digital composites: built for sharing.




      » Musical STORYTELLING

    Co-founder/Vocal Coach/Lyricist, Melissa works with an exciting creative production team at Harmony's stylish, acoustically treated recording and rehearsal space.




      » Acting CHOPS ;-)

    Melissa Dawn Brown has always had a flair for storytelling and playing dress up... With training from the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama, Erindale College (U of T) and Sheridan College (Oakville), Melissa is an award-winning professional actor who has appeared on stage, television and film.


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    smllsuperme READY SET QUERY

      I've got all my ducks in a row so now I can start pitching #MSSG to agents and/or publishers...

                 read more


          with OWC Meetup Peeps ☻

      Chillin' with #creativecommunity up here in Ottawa... Always a cool space for conversation + an unspoken understanding of the #writerslife in action...

                          read more


    smllsuperme HARMONY MUSIC STUDIOS OTTAWA Coming Soon

    Co-founded roughly 9 years back... just after I'd lost my voice and I was desperately trying to find something that my creative monster could still actually do. .. And now? We've got a bigger, better, brighter future at our new location.


    MDBblogeme=> Mirror Mirror of my MIND @MelissaDwnBrwn
    smllsuperme@MelissaDwnBrwn STEPPING into OUR FUTURE

    So here's that part of forever where words and stories buid a better tomorrow. It is only through what we create and share from ourselves that make anything/everything possible.

                                                               meet my latest ☞

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    About My Writing

        Even when I am at a loss for, can't find the right ones, or keep on repeating favourites over and over and over again-- they've never failed me: WORDS have always been my paramour.

        And POETRY? Well, that's been my longest standing love affair with the spoken word. Like most teenage girls, I began using the poetic medium to help me cope with and explore the challenges of growing up: where raging hormones and ever-changing body parts meet the delicious rainbow of life experience and a myriad of ways we humans try to make any sense of our time and place and the world around us.

        In all its many shapes and sizes, poetry has become my language for life.

        When life got too complicated to talk about it, creative non-fiction became my safer harbor: a place where I could explore difficult subjects with the healing power of words. From the age of eighteen, I've has been dealing with complicated chronic neurological crap— stemming from a nasty car accident. And then, I was diagnosed thyroid cancer just in time for her thirtieth birthday.


        Writing is something that we all have in common. A necessity of daily living for us all-- a diversion, or escape for some-- it can also be a therapeutic exploration of all that we are, deep down inside. And the super fun, allbeit challenging, part of my creative journey is that I never know where it might take me until you get there.

        Cancerous monsters had been crowding my neck for months. They had to be surgically removed. But I got more than I'd bargained for...


    My Projects



        ( graphic memoir + magical realism )

    My Scripts


        ( feature film + family comedy )


    ( play in three acts + songs from the era )

    Creative Non-Fiction...


    = Where self-made miracles happen.


    = Where #BOOBS meet #BREASTCANCER

    My Poetry



    My Tool Box

    Sharing my favorite
    RESOURCES & Development Tools with y'all

        Everything I knew to be me had vanished-- sacrificed to the gods of killing cancer!! It wasn't until I gave up my ghosts; when I finally started working with my not-so-broken body parts that I found the voice I'd all but lost.

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    Highlights from my ACTING Career

    The Evil That Men Do
    Amicus Productions

    All's Well That Ends Well Theatre Erindale

    The Importance of Being Earnest Weston Little Theatre

    ☞ Appearing in the Blue Ghost Tunnel Episode on Creepy Canada

    Measure for Measure Shakespeare in the Square

    The Children's Hour
    Theatre Erindale

    Top Girls
    Theatre Erindale

    ☞ The voice of Anna
    in 'The Blade of Ronim' by Glen Wyand Prod.

    Half Empty, Half Full
    Gelareh Kiazand Productions

    Once Upon Our Time
    Theatre Erindale

    Maiden, Mother, Crone
    Trinity College Drama Society

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    What can I DO for YOU?

          So... I haven't quite gotten here yet-- But I promise I'll get this page up and running as soon as ever I can. I've just been so busy with building a website people can ACTUALLY USE and want to COME BACK TO — And did I mention that I've just had some surgical help restoring my voice after ten years of doing everything I can to 'make due'?   So, it's coming... soonish

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    My Address

    Melissa Dawn Brown

    10 Crimson Gate,
    Ottawa, ON K1T 1Z6.
    +1 613 986 2239

    " Yeah... I know, I know ☞ the email form doesn't behave properly??
       superme_icon 'Um workin' on it!! "

    Email Me

  • newsworthy1


          So... I'm done... My full manuscript is finally complete and I'm entering into a whole new stage of he game. One of the biggest deals for me, has been trying to figure out how to package this project... The words don't really make as much sense without the pictures and the story makes a whole lot more sense when I tell you where it came from. I based Super Sam's whole fantastic healing journey on my own experience. Where many of my peers are brilliant with fiction or up to their elbows in non-fiction: mine is a bit of a horse of a different colour.

          So... I can't really do anything about submitting #MYSUPERHEROSURVIVALGUIDE without giving some context. Not if I want maximum impact. This is more than any creative endeavor I've ever known... it is #mysuperheromission plain and simple. My #SUPERHEROPossibilityis all about sharing all th extraordinary things that life has taught me about the power we all share deep within.

  • newsworthy1

    OWC Meetup = All for one and one for all...

          I've been meeting with Averill Elisa Frankes' Ottawa Writers Circle for quite a while now; dabbling in #CreativeNonFictionCritigues + #PictureBookCritiques + #PoetryCircles + #WritersReadingGroups over the years... and then, I got a little lost in #lifecircumstance. Fell off the wagon post-surgery last summer.

          So I've been thinking about hooking up with fellow writers for a while now... and so.. I did it... Finally. When I couldn't figure out how to fit my original writing project into a critique group and it felt like I was at a bit of a dead end? What'd I do? I went to the Ottawa Writer's Circle Weekend Afternoon Social Mixer. I had no idea who'd really be there or what I'd come away with but I went anyway. Plus, I brought Jason-- my 9 year partner in crime-- along for the ride. ( Mostly as insurance so I'd have someone to talk to. )

         Met a whole bunch of cool cats including, but not limited to: organizer Erica and newbie newbie Beki. What was really cool for me? Mmm? Glad you asked 😉 This was the first time-- in all six years I've been doing this-- that I actually had a complete manuscript under my belt, before the start of any conversation. I got some great strategies from Ms. Erica Hastings ( my impromptu would-be writing coach ) about how I might tackle getting some feedback within the OWC critique and beta reader framework.

          Step 1 ☞ Get My Superhero Survival Guide beta read...

          Step 2 ☞ Me = coming up with things to tackle, aka stuff I need some help with...

          Step 3 ☞ Offer the whole thing to my critique team for conext
                    + instructions re: feedback I need.

          Sure, it sounds simple enough... but I never realized that I could offer my whole manuscript to reviewers... I was always trying to splice and dice and figure out exactly how on earth I was going to pick and package the best 3000 words of the 7050 word bucket.

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    My #SUPERHEROpossibility is your #SUPERHEROpossibility...

    superme_icon by Melissa Dawn Brown

         Yeah...   I know, I know...   It's the latest + greatest + hippest trend in pop-culture right about now.   What was the last #superheromovie you saw?   Was it in the theatre?   Or maybe you watched it at home?   Well, whoever you are — which doesn't really matter — #superherostories can do what they for us humans no matter where we are in the world.   My latest MARVELous journey was following Paul Rudd as he became ANTMAN.   As most of you know, I am a #freelancesuperhero.   And I don't pretend to have a special suit or come from another planet either-- That's not where my brand of superhero comes from...  Sure, we grow up in a world that until fairly recently treated this fantatical world of comic book superheroes and supervillains as child's play.  I am quite happy to see that the role of superheroes in modern our modern day has re-emerged into something real and tangible-- built to inspire us all!

          So.... my #superheromission
               is all about ☞ sharing all the tools + tricks + stuff I've figured out           = for when life pretty much feels like it's going any way but ours.

          We humans deal with emergencies and pitfalls all the time :   big ones, small ones, fat ones, tall ones. They come out when we're least expecting them and let's face it: we are NEVER prepared. As much as we fool ourselves into the niotion that we're playing it safe. And we're doing anything and everything we possibly can to avoid all that's bad in the world...

          Shit is an inescapable universal truth and and it always-- I repeat always-- happens.

    So, back to the story about ANTMAN... I'm about half-way through and it occurs to me-- around about the point whre we're looking at the world from an ant's persoective, or thereabouts-- that #SUPERHEROstories are all about looking at the world in new ways = A #Tranformation, of sorts, where something that has never occurred to you becomes crystal clear and stuff that almost never makes any sense gives birth to "Aha!" (Thankyou Oprah!)

          So from where I sit, becoming any kind of superhero has more to do with the power of INTENT than anything else... And imagining our way into a place and space where we can all work together to make this world a better place to be?


                superme_icon diy #SUPERHEROPossibility ebook

    coming soon rainbowdivider
  • Sitting On A Niracle @MelissaDwnBrwn

    Sitting on a Miracle by Melissa Dawn Brown

          In the summer of my eighteenth year (a little over twenty years ago) I was in an itty bitty Suzuki Forsa on the westbound 401 when we came up over a hill near Napanee around 1:30AM and ran smack dab into the underside of a tractor trailer transport that was blocking both lanes.   My takeaways from this horrific crash include a traumatic brain injury, a spinal fracture dislocation and a bunch of internal stuff that got all shredded up thanks to that there trust lapbelt saving my life.

          With my newly acquired learning disability, nerve damage, and scar tissue covering ever so much of my inner torso, I was left to navigate my way through young adulthood with an even bigger gap between who I wanted to become and all I thought the world expected me to be.   Playing my self-titled role as ‘damaged goods,’ left me forever making due. there was always something missing, or something I couldn’t, shouldn’t, or would never be able to do because of it.   Life as I understood it had become a daily battle with everything that felt wrong about my body.

          Nearly nine years later, I woke up one morning in June with a voice that was more like Minnie Mouse and a small bump on one side of my neck; add twelve separate visits to clinics and hospitals and set the timer to six months and what did I get?   A big juicy piece of thyroid cancer was squatting on my vocal chords.   It being December and all, I did my best to manufacture some version of holiday cheer but I kept fighting off all those unavoidable worries and fears of all the monsters I’d be facing over the coming year.

          Juggling my awareness that cancer kills people and the inevitable “hope I don’t die” impulse, I figured that conquering the innate fear of death was bloody impossible.   Let's face it: that fear never goes away completely until your dead!! Just in time for my 30th birthday, I had news that my surgery was only three weeks away.

          Following a restless night of trying not to worry about the inevitable, I reported for duty; suiting up in the usual cute little blue hospital gown.   And though I vaguely remember the docs warning me about all the potential risks associated with my kind of surgery, I was too enamoured with the idea of getting it out than worrying about anything other than dying.   So when I awoke, I was left with only half my voice.   That was the hour that part of me died. Honestly?!   It had paralyzed my right vocal chord… And now? It pretty much felt like stupid cancer had pretty much stolen all my dreams away.

          So with that, my cancer was gone and that had to be good, right?   I figured that I just needed to suck it up and absorb whatever ‘would be’ cost I incurred on the road to recovery.   The eight years that followed were full of silenced conversations with myself where I constructed a series of self-imposed barriers between me and the person that always wanted to be.

        Wearing layers of heartache and disappointed hopes, I resumed my creative warrior way of being.   Whether I succeeded or failed, it mattered not: I could still refurbish all these hardships as trophies of how ‘strong’ and ‘courageous’ I could be.   Dressing my weaker sensibilities in this brave new face— with little success at finding the ‘missing’— I eventually arrived at my truly inconvenient truth: the hallmark strength and courage I had echoed for all these years had been all but hollow on the inside.

       On my path to understanding my life and my body—and everything that was wrong with both— I’d faithfully followed the modern medical codex that had all but encouraged me to remove my problems from myself, where they’d all no longer hurt me.   In all my years of talking and thinking and feeling about all that was wrong with everything that was wrong with me I never knew the damage it could do.

        Little did I know that the human body is always listening… and it remembers everything.   It wasn't until I met with a local cranial sacral interpreter that I truly learned to listen to my body.   Hidden in all the noise that I’d mistaken for unruly aches and pains, my body was trying to tell me something.

        'Cranial sacral therapy'… ever heard of it? Who’d have ever guessed that the human body can store so many messages in its gooier parts.   The particular biochemical goo that I'm referring to provides the communication medium floating between two thinner filmic layers of fascia— Think plastic wrap, sort of.   This therapy can feel a bit trippy at first…   Pam Semple lightly placed her fingers around the back of my neck and it was like invisible hands removing my face and mouth and tongue for me… With the cheeks of a Cheshire cat and the involuntary postures of a brazen tooth model, I consciously gave up the reigns to see where this journey could take me.   When I began to describe my spine as a gnarled tree-trunk, Pam suggested that I put it right back inside my body where it needed to be.   The tree morphed into a tower of bones and nerves; connected to a lightbulb, at the base of my spine.  Just as I was visually screwing it back into my spinal column.   The bulb began to flicker as feeling that centred around my sitting parts turned itself back on.   My body was talking again…   How was this possible?

        “I think the only thing that I will never get over is losing my voice,” I said.   “Where does it hurt?” she asked.   And when I pointed in towards my neck the flood gates burst.   "Talk to it," Pam softly said.   And in that moment, I came to realize that every limit my neck put on its movement had been an act of love: she's been trying to protect me from and further loss or hardship.  “It's not your fault," I tearfully whispered.  “You can let go,” I keep repeating.   And with that, the tension in neck and shoulders all but disappeared.   A rush of sensation started slowly creeping across my all but forgotten parts.  On the eighth anniversary of my completing my cancer treatment, I closed my eyes and went inside. Walking through all the bits and pieces of my neck and chin where nerves had reawakened, I kept thinking “I don’t know if I can do this,” until I took the plunge: planting seeds of love under my right vocal chord.   Then something started to wiggle— like what your throat does right before you swallow— and then I opened my mouth.   The sound was wide and crisp and clear— my Voice?!!   My Voice—She’s back!!   Tears of joy swiftly streamed down my cat-like grin.  I’m still glowing: ever knowing where sweet miracles begin.

  • What About BO∅B? by Melissa Dawn Brown

    Hooters.   Assets.  Cans.  Cones.  Funbags.  Udders.  Rack.  Tahtahs.  Titties.  Headlights.  Melons.  Jugs.  Boobs.  Boobers.  Bosoms.  Pair.  Gazungas.

          We notice them... and measure them... and then we get some help to push them up and strap theses puppies in-- n'it's all for the love of woman-hood, right?   In this hoos, a girl's gotta know herself cold.   Like abstract art, our bodies' tender curves and contours don't always go exactly where you'd expect them to go... But I guess that's all part of the fun of growing a body of your very own.   Like a virtual roller coaster— up hill or down, over and under— our sense of all that's deemed desirable in a lady gets pretty confusing.   Classical art— from all corners of the globe, for example— seductively depicts the bare and bountiful elements of a maiden's form.   For centuries, we've stretched her out and cinched her in; enlisting a whole army of accoutrements which embellish and define what we like about our bodies, while they mask and distract from all else.

          Now I don't know about you but when I look down at the valley between my two mountains: I see anything but art.   For most of us, boobs have become a source of food and comfort.   They are childhood's porto-pillows; carrying tired eyes swiftly off to snooze-ville.   They are also something to look at, look up to, look around, and look through — you can't help it!   (That's how we're built.)   And, learning — by example and through mass mass media: " the bigger the better.   The tigher the sweater: the boys depend on us. " dialogue from Grease.

          As puberty beckons, we have our first exercise in training inflicted on us in the form of a bra.   ( And No, it doesn't really do much for us in the long run. )   I guess it's just there to help us become accustomed to wearing a holster, of sorts.   It's where we strap them in before we need to so we don't exactly know why we're doing it but that's what 'BIG GIRLS' do if they're serious about becoming real women.   Boobs go from being new found curiosities into accessories that we unabashedly flatter and decorate.   And, as we fully develop, the teenage evolution of the bustenhalter has us trade a bra that's simillar to one our mom still wears for a newer model ⃑ complete with underwires that do pushups.   And as we explore the ever-expanding world of braziers we learn things pretty much as we go.   Formal evening attire introduces the necessity for strapless fixtures masquerading as undergarments...   And periodically, our boobs will revel in the far more practical support and comfort of bras built for the sportier femmes among us.

          Of course, when one learns to recognize the truer size of one's 'twins,' we'll usually do one of two things: (1) go undercover: hiding our virtues under oversized clothing or (2) Tastefully exhibit our 'commodities.'  To promote said coming attraction(s) we'll offer plunging necklines... or we wear outfits that hug our figure in all the right places.   Come on. I'm sure that most of you know exactly what I'm talking about, right?   Admit it...   That dress you fell in love with that fits you everywhere but that lanky buttonhole that hovers right between those lofty peaks? Or maybe your tent city feels a wee bit spacious? Mmm?  

          Now — ladies and gentlemen— need I remind you that though your 'knockers' may a symbol of fertility and nippledom... if you treat them well: they'll tell you even their deepest darkest secrets.

          Reluctantly placing your fingers close to the centre, you move those hesitant digits down in a circular sweep until you hit a sore spot...   yeah, that's it: right there...  south west of your nipple?   Wait a minute...   That wasn't there yesterday?   Or was it?  You've worked your fingers around, just like the girl does in the picture you found online... Just like you've read about and you've been meaning to do for a while but-- Ooh... there it is again.   Could it be a small bruise, maybe?   So you check. No, it isn't showing or anything...   So maybe a week passes and it's still sore.   But you don't touch it and you can avoid touching it most of the time anyway...   Or maybe it just scare you to think of what alse it could be!   Even if you don't know what to say: all you have to do is ask....   Keep asking until you get the answer you are looking for.   Trust me, I know how it feels. Have them cop a squeeze... Please... It'll be worth it, I promise.

          In 2008, my butterfly got sick and flew away... With wings of lead, that Cancer had left my being and not it would return again to hold me in my mother's arms.

        Mom discovered an aggressive form of breast cancer on her right side, which had travlled.   This nasty critter had been hibernating in her right breast and, like me, her cancer had started invaeing her lymph nodes.   Both thyroid and breast cancer are common in women over thirty. But Cancer is such a nasty beat: it always occurs a little bit differently. Mom's tumour was big and bad and ugly, so they needed to take her breast away; followed by chemo treatments, then radiation treatments, and meds (the forever kind.)   Honestly, I didn't know how I was going to be all that useful to her... But at least my survivorship had helped me to help her deal with what she was going through in real time.

    Cancer... it feels like a very lonely place to be.

        We would sit for hours and talk about the nitty gritty stuff that other loved ones would never need to hear about... and though none of this came easy: it was a job I was born to do.

       It made me angry!!   Barely a year of being no-evidence-of-disease and it felt like I was right back where I'd been — but this time I had even less control over the situation. Honestly, it felt like all I could do was hold her ahnd and keep the smiles coming her way.

        Uncomfortable and sad was the mood when I first saw my momma after surgery... I was sad because now her illness had become all too real and life was rubbing it in my face... Hope was all I had left. I was self-cosciously trying not to look at the vacancy on one side of her gown. I didn't mean to look— but I couldn't help it. I think Mom knew that we were all still processing what was happening. She was bandaged and sore and groggy and I dind't want to say anything that might set her off. Bandages upong bandages, she was taped up like an awkward Christmas present and all I really wanted to do was give my mommy a big fat hug. But I knew that I couldn't — not yet!

        If anything, life has taught me that being diagnosed with Cancer makes it a whole lot easier to say "g'bye" to the part of you that is so very sick.   Take it all away. Far, far away— to some place where it can never hurt anybody ever again...   Oh... if it were only that simple!   When you can finally accept your body's amazing power to repair iself from all that damage that's been done: this is where your healing journey begins...   Just be patient with yourself.   Like fire, the tissues beging to heal and the body copes with missing something it never knew that it could do without.

        So... What if a pair of boobs went into the hospital and only bob came back out? " So, How's Bob?" I asked.   "Mmm," Mom replied, "Sore." Her face cracked and, with that, we shared a silent chuckle.   My mother's widening smile could light my way however dark the passage had become...

        And whether it's a boob or a bob we're talking about, my answer is still the same. Bob or not: mother is every bit of woman that she has even been, is being, or ever will be! She is my strength, my hope and my salvation. And in this brave new world.... A woman is not merely the sum of all her physical parts: for there are more things that make a woman whole.


    Whatever you have left, you're still woman enough for me...
    Don't believe me? — Just ask Bob.

  • MSSGPage

    My Superhero Survival Guide

        Combining mixed media and art with a narrative poetic style that’s all her own, Melissa Dawn Brown beautifully characterizes the struggles and personal triumphs of a young person’s journey past the survival part of our human story and the FIGHT against cancer.

        Samantha Stanley's #SUPERHEROpossibility is born on a very ordinary day, much like any other day that came before or will come after. Sam wakes up with a lump on her throat that turns into a transformational journey of healing, strength, and personal empowerment... leading our courageous superly heroic imaginations into a space where miracles can happen for us all.

        🖋 #MelissaDawnBrown #inauthorwords...       #inAuthorWords1

        Even when the story goes places that are less than comfortable to talk about, Melissa’s apt and vulnerable poetic storytelling strikes a chord with cancer survivors and general public alike.

        Melissa's inspired creative exploration of what it means to be super human; addressing with the ever increasing relevance of humanity's evolving confrontation with cancer.

    🖋 #MelissaDawnBrown #inauthorwords...      
    #inauthorwords2 #MelissaDawnBrown

          Over the course of ten long years, Melissa Dawn Brown picked up all the bits and pieces she learned over every stage of treatment. Weaving personal growth and self-discovery guideposts into her ever-evolving miracle-making reality: Melissa's superhero journey ventures far beyond wherever simply surviving cancer may leave us.

    🖋 #MelissaDawnBrown #inauthorwords...       #inAuthorWords3 #MelissaDawnBrown

          My Superhero Survival Guide 's first person poetically narrative invites superheros who are currently dealing with cancer and anyone in remission-- plus their famillies and support system-- to look at their bodies superly magical powers of healing in a whole new way.

  • superficial_selfie

          Superheroes in the making...

          Barb Stanwich— a mild-mannered mail sorter— and Maggie Greenlaw— a cafeteria attendant— both work for their local newspaper. Meeting at their office Halloween party, they both realize that if they are going to get ahead in the world, they need to become superheroes... now let the fun begin.

            ☞   Tell me more...    

  • goodnightsweetheart @MelissaDwnBrwn

      Goodnight Sweetheart

    Weaving a musical tapestry of swing and big band era favorites into a love-of-your-life story that defies death, heartaches.... and time itself.

    Goodnight Sweetheart,
    All my prayers are for you.
    Goodnight Sweetheart,
    I'll be watching o'er you.
    Tears and parting
    may make us forelorn
    Bu with the dawn,
    a new day is born (so I'll say)
    Goodnight Sweetheart,
    sleep will banish sorrow.
    Goodnight Sweetheart,
    till we meet tomorrow
    Dreams enfold you,
    In them dear, I'll hold you
    Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight.

        Inspired by Ray Noble, Jimmy Campbell and Reg Connelly's 1931 title song...

    is a vivid musical portrait
    of true love — with the whole world at war...

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  • MDBdoesPoetry


    Poetry has always been my avenue for spoken-word...

    Whether it be the inspiration unexpectedly jumps out at me from an empty space. Or maybe I just can't get a rhyme out of my head until all the shapes my words can make have flown out onto the page that rests so gracefully under my pen: fanciful poetic journies are my delight.

    =Crazy tidbits of imagery hitch-hiking around inside of me keep begging to be built into something real.

        Built from interracting with the world around me: POETRY has been an outlet that I've favored through thick and thin. From my teens to my 'just-turned-40' (this year) I am continually learning in every direction that poetry can take me.

    #PoetryinMotion ☞
    that's #mykindapoetry...

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  • Imaginarium


    Description/mission statement...

  • WritersToolbox

    My Writer's Toolbox

    ( Here's where I'm offering up some tools I use to #getthejobdone )

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